Easy Document Security 2.0

Easy Document Security 2.0: Encrypt document through context menu, and use it without decrypting. Easy Document Security is a secure solution for all kinds of documents. This easy-to-use secure software allows you to encrypt any document quickly. You can read or edit the encrypted document without decrypting. Easy Document Security also provide self-decrypting feature, so it will be very easy to encrypt a document and send e-mail to your friend whether he have the software or not.

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Easy Envelopes 2.50

Easy Envelopes answers that question with a simple and intuitive way to print professional-looking envelopes quickly and easily. Other programs are so complex that it takes 15 minutes to configure and print just one envelope. The name Easy Envelopes describes this program perfectly. Printing an envelope is very easy. Just type in the To: and From: addresses and click Print. Easy Envelopes has the option to add a monogram or logo graphic if you so

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Morz Easy Clipboard 1.0

Copying and saving made easy Morz Easy Clipboard is powerful clipboard tool. Once you make used to it, it`s hard to work without it. It introduces a very easy method to copy & paste. Drag & Drop No need to Ctrl+C .Just select your text and drop to list box. Easy to differentiate Multiple rows and alternate color make you easy to differentiate.

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free software easyresellplus 1.0: Easy Resell Plus - The Quick And Easy Way To Customize Ebook Mini Sites
free software easyresellplus 1.0

Easy Resell Plus - The Quick And Easy Way To Customize Ebook Mini Sites If you run an ebook reselling business, you need lots of products to sell, with new ones added regularly. This can mean a lot of work in getting all the supplied mini sites set up with your payment details. Easy Resell Plus is an easy to use software tool which will automate the most difficult part of this process for you. This will save you time and effort, and help you avoi

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Easy Shred 1.00: Easy Shred removes your files by overwriting them, permanent file shredding.
Easy Shred 1.00

Easy Shred is probably one of the smallest and most efficient programs available for shredding files on your PC. As most people know "trashing" a file only removes its reference and it is very easy for the file to be recovered. On the other hand Easy Shred uses a negative algorithm to overwrite your files and folders multiple times. The end result is a file that is extremely difficult / costly to have recovered.

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Easy Uninstaller 1.5: Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerful, and easy to use replacement for
Easy Uninstaller 1.5

Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerful, and easy to use replacement for slow,and user unfriendly windows Add\Remove control panel applet, it comes with functions like multiple uninstallations in one go, uninstall list backup manager and option to delete uninstaller key entry. Easy uninstaller provides a total solution for the uninstalling task.

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Easy Healthy Diet 1.0: Easy Healthy Diet - Tips and Strategies
Easy Healthy Diet 1.0

Easy Healthy Diet - Who says there`s no such thing as an easy healthy diet? If you are one of those who do not believe in this, then you are definitely in the wrong side of the bridge. Healthy eating is actually not about staying unrealistically thin, strict nutrition philosophies, or not eating any of the foods you love and enjoy. Read this ebook and learn some tips and strategies for a diet that is certainly easy and healthy to take...

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